Core values


Born in Reggio Emilia in 1981, DUMAS has built up a wealth of experience in the fields of consultancy, design and installation of exhibition stands and events in Europe and in the Overseas countries. DUMAS is a modern and creative company, sparkling with new ideas, focussed on its customers, utterly reliable, flexible and open to evolving tastes and to the ongoing transformations taking place in the world of communication in all its expressive forms.

Careful analysis, skilful use of materials, the application of innovative solutions to colour and lighting are the ingredients employed by DUMAS in the production of eye-catching and attractive set designs which are able to convey the customer's promotional message in an appealing way. The recognition of DUMAS' professional qualities is the loyalty of its customers, which are the company's best introduction and its most effective advertising channel.

DUMAS has jealously maintained a flexibility of organisation that makes it possible to provide clients with prompt answers, readily adapt to worksite needs and make the planning alterations required to achieve the customised solutions desired by the client practically in real time. For installations requiring special know-how, the company avails itself of the services of professionals like architects, design firms and engineers, as well as of more highly trained technicians and specialised companies, which have proved themselves to be highly reliable over the years.

From the organizational standpoint, DUMAS is divided into five department areas: Management, Commercial, Technical, Administrative and Production & Logistics.

On the strength of its history and its determination to continue its path of growth on increasingly competitive international markets, DUMAS has recently changed its company name into INT. EX. S.p.A.(International Exhibitions), reinforcing the established team with new resources and keeping not only the DUMAS brand-name, but also the same level of reliability and commitment, the same spirit of collaboration that have distinguished the company since its foundation and now, more than ever before, are the essential prerequisites for taking on the challenges of the global market.  

In terms of logistics, the company has a 10,000 square metre warehouse, 10 transport vehicles and, obviously, a wealth of installation materials and equipment which allow for simultaneous coverage of up to 20,000 square metres of exhibition grounds.